Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Knight's Day

It was a perfect birthday for a Knight-in-training (that would be a "page"). It began with early morning Mass with his Papa. The priest, a family friend, even mentioned that it was his birthday and asked for prayers for him. This, of course, was a highlight and talked about repeatedly all day.

After a trip to Starbucks and dropping Papa off at work, he came home to Knight decorations and was able to open one present.

The day was spent finishing the Knight's Lapbook and baking the cake to the exact specifications of the Birthday Boy: "I want THIS shield Mama".

He had his heart set on Pizza Hut. I am not sure what that says about his mother's cooking, but I choose not to dwell on it....really.
Finally, he opened the rest of his Knight themed presents and we had cake.

We couldn't convince him to smile!

Our boy is six. It is hard to believe. We still remember quite well the noisy baby who loved the pacifier, the serious toddler who seemed so shy, the chatty pre-school boy who could talk all day long. And now we have a smart, articulate, loving boy who speaks freely of his love of God to all who will listen. 
We couldn't be prouder. 

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