Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Laundry Conquered. Check.

My relationship with laundry has been complicated, at best. There was a day not too long ago that I was aghast at those people who claim to be "caught up" on laundry and in the habit of doing yesterday's laundry. Or even regularly "finishing" last week's laundry. Just a short while ago, my husband could be heard stating that he "hadn't seen that (shirt, pair of pants, etc) in at least a month". And, as much as I hated to admit it, he was probably NOT exaggerating, at least not much.

Then, I was following a laundry discussion with Rachel Balducci at Testosterhome.com (or maybe it was at Faith and Family? She blogs at both) and I was, again, amazed at the people saying that they actually were in the habit of washing the clothes that were dirtied yesterday. My thought: YESTERDAY??? That only happens in absolute emergencies here! How can that be? How do you even get there???

Someone said something about just focusing on laundry for a few days until it was all done. Then go from there. Sounds simple, but I had never done it. Not once. At least not since my first baby was born, that I could recall. I was always behind.

So, I tried it. I focused for a few days and just did nothing but laundry (and homeschooling). And I was caught up!!! Then, I began doing yesterday's laundry. And then it was laundry for the past two days. But I never got more than a few days behind. And we had one of those emergencies that puts today's laundry in front and everything else must wait (read stomach bug), I wasn't overwhelmed. The emergency laundry went to the front of the line and with a little extra work of the next day or two we were back on track.

Suddenly I could picture my washer at rest: with nothing in it, nothing needing to go in it today, a little check mark next to it's to do list for the day. An epiphany for me!

All that made it possible for our newest laundry system. Each bedroom has a laundry day and there is one day for the linens. This gets rid of all that sorting, then sorting again, then putting away in three different rooms at once. Today was my six year old's day. He brought his laundry down. Put it all in the wash, one load, one temp, one detergent (I wouldn't do that to my own clothes, but it works for most kids clothes). He moved it to the dryer. He took it out and "folded" it. I brought it upstairs and put it away (while secretly refolding it). That's it. The washer and dryer were done for the day. They looked so satisfied with themselves.

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