Tuesday, July 6, 2010

In Which I Whine about Too Much Sunshine

Up here, on the coast of the North Sea, in the summertime, the days are long.....very long! The sun begins to shine through our windows by 4am and roughly 18 hours later those windows are dark again. That is a long day! In the throws of the long nights of winter (think 18 hours of darkness) this seems like a great alternative. Nice long days...who wouldn't want that? But, it's all about sleep. Thick window shades with thick drapes can only do so much. I suppose we could seal up those windows with....I don't know...foil? But then you live in darkness all day....we've had enough of that during winter.
This was taken on the west coast of Scotland after our day exploring the Isle of Mull. It is about 8pm. 

Just about this time of year the kids begin to adjust a little better. They get considerably more time outside than in the winter and so they are more tired by 7:30 or 8pm. The fact that their room isn't completely dark doesn't matter as much. But that 4am sunrise (technically 4:30 these days, but it may as well be 4!) gets them up early. The chances of me getting up before them long enough to get in exercise, prayer, shower and getting dressed are very slim (not that I was able to accomplish this during winter, but that is another story!).  There is usually someone up between 5 and 5:30 and the others are up by around 6 with the occasional lazy bones sleeping till 7am!

For Jim and I, the end of the day can be frustrating. We usually go to bed between 9 and 9:30. It is still quite light out by then and it is just counter intuitive. Just when you begin to adjust to this, the day begins to shorten. For a few short weeks it seems "normal" with sunset shortly after dinner and sunrise after 6am. But then it just get's strange again...by the fall you see kids walking home from school in the dark. It is only 3:30 but it feels like night time. Two years was not long enough to get used to this. I can't even imagine living in someplace like Alaska!

Of course daylight can't be confused with sunshine. That dreary Scottish weather has it's own issues! However, I am sure once we get back to California and experience a hot August I will be longing for the clouds and rain that are out my window right now.  
This was taken in late June. He started with a light jacket, and kept adding layers until he was comfortable. 

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  1. It does make for long days...long tired ones for Daddy and MOmmy.