Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I Blog in my Head (and other things)

I do. I blog in my head...in the shower, at the stove, in the car, in bed, and yes, even at Mass. I think lots of profound, or funny, or interesting things...at least I think I do. I just seldom get them "on paper". I am not one of those writers with boxes filled with old journals. I don't have to write on a regular basis to be sane.  (Okay, maybe I do...I just don't get the urge to write all the time like other writers I read.) But, I have always been a thinker...a ponderer.

Way back in the single days, I was an elementary school teacher and summer vacation meant lots of time alone. My roommates worked "real" jobs and I spent a good portion of the summer doing nothing. I think I was just waiting for a fun vacation to happen. Anyway, I would greet my roommates just home from work with phrases like "You know, I was thinking today about feminism" or "about truth" or "about that article I told you about yesterday." And I can remember one roommate saying things like "You think WAY TOO MUCH. Relax!"

So, now that blogs exist, instead of thinking, I blog in my head. Maybe when life gets a little smoother I will actually write too!

[right here is where I would be putting pictures if I could get some recent ones of of my camera but since I dropped the camera--which didn't break the camera but seemed to break the cord that connects it to my computer--I can't get the recent ones off of it so instead I am putting an older one from way back in early August when we first arrived back home in Southern California]

Two Cousins Freezing At the Beach

And speaking of life being less than smooth...that is my other excuse. We are FINALLY moved in and still going through the process of organizing and tweaking and fixing little things that crop up (like how my "continuous hot water" gives up in the middle of my shower or how the lights in the kids room keep going off). This week promises another long list of time windows in which certain people are meant to show up and fix certain things.

And then there is the homeschooling part of life. I am not whining....because I am so excited about my new school room that I am frustrated waiting for it! So not whining...right? Anyway, we are putting built in bookcases/cabinets and desks in our "library" (a room off of our family room) and that won't be done till mid October. So my books/supplies etc. remain in boxes and closets. And I just can't get my mind around what needs to be done, let alone starting school. So we are still on summer vacation (don't tell anyone!).

All that being said, life is good. No wait....life is great! We are so blessed. We have a beautiful house, three healthy children and Jim has a job. As usual, we don't deserve our blessings but we will take them willingly, and pray that we can accept the crosses just as easily.

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  1. Oh! I'm so glad to see you writing. I miss when you are absent even though I completely understand the huge move you just made. Welcome back.

    Know that there is someone over to the east of you that loves to hear what you have to say. For as much as I like to "talk" through my blogs, I love to hear and learn from others out there.

    Glad you are in your home.

    Homeschooling...yes, we chose that path, but we still can complain when the need arises with nothing to feel guilty about.

    Blessings to you and your family!