Thursday, October 21, 2010

Holy Jeans, Batman!

What would you do?

I am a failure at patching jeans. Sitting on my laundry room counter are no less than 9 pairs of jeans that have holes big enough that I can't stand letting my kids wear them in public...not to mention the one pair that is mine!! Every patching attempt broke through within two weeks. I thought I might just give them away, but most charities ask for clothes WITHOUT holes. I have no sewing machine, and even if I did I am not sure I would know how to sew them up....wouldn't it just get all puckered? Sewing a patch on by hand seems....well....just too hard! 

What would you do? Make a quilt out of the material? Turn them into clever, crafty...ummm...pot holders? Purses?

I hate to just trash them!

And while I am whining, what happened to Toughskin Jeans---maybe Sears still sells them, I haven't looked, but thats beside the point!!
What happened to jeans that cowboys wear to protect them against brambles, thorns, cows horns, etc? These couldn't even stand up to a little carpet burn!!

Note to reader: Yes, I realize that I am using waayyyy too many exclamation points. My high school English teacher----Mr Korte----would have marked up this blog post with red ink, I am afraid. But I needed those little dashes and dots to help you see my desperate situation. 
Batman! Where are you???


  1. If you buy your jeans from Sears (any brand) and tell them you want to be a part of the KidVantage program, you can take the holey jeans back for new ones.

  2. Michelle,
    Thanks for the tip! Wish I had done that before....from now on!

  3. I'm no seamstress. I'll keep watching your comments to see if anyone comes up with a good answer. I suffer from the same dilema!