Saturday, October 16, 2010

We Had a Tea Party Today

No, there were no pretty teapots. Just lots of signs. 
And flags.
And pictures of famous conservatives.
(not shown: three life size card board cut outs of Sarah Palin)

Were there crazies? Whackos? Nut-cases? Well, depends on what you mean. If dying your hair bright red just for the day is "crazy"....then yes. If donning lots of your hat, on your shirt, huge flag poles in your "whacko", well then, yes. If carrying signs that say things like "Throw the Bums Out" or anything pictured below: 
warrants the title "nut-case"....then, yes. 

But, you never met a nicer bunch of folks to have an impromptu picnic with. We were early birds, arriving about noon and leaving by 1:30. People were still arriving and festivities were scheduled to go on till 6pm. For us it was a nice introduction to this historical grass roots movement. 

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  1. Yeah!!!! YOu know, after the miners were freed down in Chili, I kept thinking to myself, why isn't that plastered all over the news...the hope; the faith; the good news?!