Monday, November 15, 2010

Quivering with Excitement...

So...remember those holey jeans? Well, I got creative. I SEWED! Yes! As in needle and thread. No machine here...I am too afraid to make that investment (what if it just sits there on the table sneering at me while I don't ever use it!). machines here. Just a jumble of needles and threads and patches and scraps which I try to organize in plastic containers that never seem to work just right. So, you can see why a sewing project is a BIG DEAL for me.

I have to admit though...I had inspiration from another blogger. Michelle has made the coolest things from army uniforms and when I blogged about the jeans before I was thinking of her. And then she went and commented on that blog post!! I was really flattered that she even looked at my little blog!!

(Note to Michelle....took your advice and bought some Toughskin jeans and joined Sears Kidvantage as insurance against holes in the knees.)

Ready for the reveal? Here is what I sewed with my own little hands:

No...not him. That cute kid is the inspiration for the sewing. See the crossbow on his shoulder and those arrows peeking out from behind him? How is he holding those arrows? 

Voila! That's how!! His clever mom turned his old jeans into a quiver!

How clever is that? Hold on...don't say anything. Let's wait and see how long the thing lasts! It could be falling apart as we speak. Maybe I could get partial credit?


  1. Oh! My! Gosh! Brilliant!!!! Stan the man is going to love that!

  2. You did a great job! He looks like he loves it.

    Glad you got some insured jeans. Sears has saved me tons of cash.

    I have to admit that I do everything possible to avoid handsewing...which is why shirts missing buttons and socks with holes end up in the "get rid of" pile more often than not. So you get extra points for patience and diligence!