Sunday, January 9, 2011

Final Dalmation

A. in tears because someone dared to give her something that WASN'T a horse. You can see my hand ready to drag her to the privacy of a back bedroom to, ahem....get herself together. 
4yo at Mass this morning...almost whispering...from the front row...just before the Consecration: Why did the priest say "Dalmatian"?

In my head: Huh?...pause...OH!!!

Me: No, he said "final damnation". (desperately hoping that this would be a satisfactory answer)

4yo: What is "final damnation"? 

Me...pulling out my handy dandy theology degree...then slipping it back in my pocket: Ummm, it means that if someone doesn't love God...umm... at the end of their life...ummm... they don't go to heaven. 

4yo: (long pause)

In my head: Please God, let her be quiet for the rest of the Eucharistic prayer! sad voice: I want you to change your mind. 

In my head: Oh no!! I have upset her. She's afraid of "final damnation". Drat! Now what do I do!

Me...casually: Change my mind about what? 

4yo: About presents! (now in full whining mode) I want more presents!!

The end of Christmas can be hard to stomach when you are four!

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  1. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is THE funniest thing I've heard in a very long time!