Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Have you seen these?

We bought these cool post-it notes while in the UK. They didn't get much use for almost a year. 

Now, suddenly, we are using them daily for handwriting practice. All three of the kids are in different stages of handwriting development, but they can all write all letters with some accuracy and they all need practice. So we practice together and they have enjoyed our short sessions with the big chalk board from Handwriting Without Tears. We choose a word for the day and I write it on the board, reviewing how to make each letter. Then they copy it, slowly and carefully, and we post it on the wall immediately. 
They have enjoyed our growing gallery of words. 
They haven't complained about handwriting practice.
And some days this is all we do in the way of formal handwriting. 
BUT....I will soon run out of my post-it notes,
and now I can't find them ANY WHERE on the internet. 

So, I am looking for help from my handful of faithful readers. Has anyone see these notes? The ones I have are the Post-It brand, but I don't care really what brand I get. I just want kid-lined sticky notes. 
Anyone? Anyone?.....Bueller?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

How much is a trillion?

I think our politicians could benefit from this book:

We got a pretty good picture of what a trillion dollars looks like. 
Imagine a trillion gold fish in a gold fish bowl. 
The bowl would need to be the size of the San Francisco Bay...

Yes, bigger than that body of water behind that pretty girl. 

Now imagine a trillion kids, like that pretty little girl above, standing on each other's shoulders. 
They would reach almost to Saturn's rings....
yes, I mean the planet, not the car. 

So...how much debt do we have now...


Ummm.....I am not sure they get it. They really need this book!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Whose kid is this, anyway?

A couple of weeks ago we went into San Francisco for the day and when we came home and loaded the pictures onto the computer there was this kid in some of the pictures. 
And the pictures were in black and white...
And he wore one of those hats that a kid in the 1940's might have worn....
Really, I mean it....
And he was singing a song....