Thursday, April 21, 2011

{pretty, happy, funny, real} Tonsils Edition


Our last two weeks of Lent have been filled with the absence of tonsils and the recovery from such absence. All in all it has been a good recovery. But....pain is painful. 
And watching your kid in pain....well that is pretty painful too!

Here is our sweet M getting ready for her surgery. She sat and waited with her Papa for more than an hour, dressed in a silly little Winnie the Pooh gown (she tried not to be insulted by it) and they took lots of pictures, and prayed the rosary, and did some coloring. A and D and Me were in the hospital cafeteria having a not-so-great breakfast. 

There is nothing like the sympathy of siblings. They were so happy to see her after her surgery...and she them. They worry for her. And they respect her (since they see her go through so many more medical things than them....nothing serious, just the routine stuff of taking care of ear issues, and minor heart issues, and now this.)

That is Papa's Australian hat. Even in her grogginess she grabbed it off of D's head and put it on her own. Funny girl!

Here is where the real tires hit the road. The drive home was hard for her, and when that big dose of codeine wore off from the hospital, the afternoon was tough too. But after many showings of Meet Me in St. Louis, special family viewings of Narnia movies--new and old, lots of reading of books, and a little bit of ice cream each night for a week, we are finally feeling normal again. 

In fact, even better than before Tonsil Week because those pesky big things are gone from the back of her throat! And all that fluid is out of that ear! 
One night she told her Papa "I can hear Mama speaking." None of us had any idea how much that fluid was affecting her hearing. 

And here is Real Funny and Pretty Happy with their big sister Pretty Funny between them. 

May God bless your celebration of the Triduum. 

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  1. Oh, poor dear! Glad to see things are improving for your little one! Thanks for sharing!

  2. She seems like such a good sport! Prayers for a quick recovery.

  3. I'm glad she's getting better - Happy Easter to all of you!

  4. I gasped when you mentioned how she could hear Mama speaking now!!! Yowzer!!! She recovered quite beautifully. That is how our oldest daughter did. (Then each one got worse :( Praise God! Stan's are just right and cause no problems :)

    May you have a blessed EAter Triduum and a blessed Easter Sunday!