Thursday, May 12, 2011

round button chicken

{pretty, happy, funny AND real}

Can you see those pretty flowers? I got THREE bouquets for Mother's Day. 
And see all those happy smiles? We had a great day!
Now, for those funny cards in my hands. Have you ever heard of hoops&yoyo? I was queen for a day, an "Amazing Mom" (sung to Amazing Grace), called by many different names in funny voices, and declared the best in the world after an exhaustive search. Lots of hoops&yoyo laughs that day!!
And now for the real. See how those sweet children are dressed so nicely? Their Mama dressed them that way for Mass. But she couldn't keep her Mass clothes on one more minute...if you look closely, she is wearing her "holy" jeans instead. Yes, we are nothing if not real around here!

And the category of real funny...

I like to call this one "Give me the camera please!"....said in a REAL patient voice, of course.

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1 comment:

  1. Loved the last one! I asked Stan the other day if he only had holy jeans (trying desperately to find something for him to wear to daily mass.) He said, but Mom! They really do make me pray!! Got love holy jeans!!

    I think your very real photo is full of very real love!! Have a super weekend!!