Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wedding story #1: Cutting in

This past weekend was spent celebrating a fabulous family event: the marriage of my brother Matt to his lovely bride Mary Lou. 
There was much dancing at the wedding. In fact, that is Matt's band you hear playing in the video. 

And this is where 7yo D had a first in his life. He was chased by a younger woman!
There he was, dancing with his sister....such a gentleman...and this cute little polka dot girl (daughter of a bridesmaid) decides she wants to dance with the "handsome prince boy".
 D had not met her, to my knowledge, but she must have had her eye on him!
M was rescued by her Papa, just like Mr. Knightly rescued Miss Smith in Emma!

For the record, I had to cut in on them to get my son back!!!

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  1. Precious, Carol! I just love weddings :) Glad Papa was able to rescue Little Miss M.