Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year from the Kennedy's

This post is an attempt to transfer the formatting of the Kennedy Family New Year Letter to my blog. I apologize for the crazy fonts, spacing, and centering. 

The Kennedy Family in 2011

This year has been all about loving learning: finding time for reading and studying together, establishing routines, fine tuning our home schooling philosophies, and getting to know the saints through daily read alouds. I have made a real effort to be a stay at home mom that actually stays at home. Our daytime outings include the occasional field trip or park day with a local homeschool group. Jim and I have also become political junkies, watching shows, reading books and articles and having discussions about everything from economics, to the oil industry, to what makes a great leader.


American Girls, cooking and ballet have been her passions in 2011. MaryKate is quickly becoming Mama’s right hand in the kitchen and throughout the house. When she isn’t helping with laundry, she can be found in any number of choice spots reading a book. 

Our auditory learner discovered the audio book this year. He listened to some classic boy literature, such as books by Louis L’Amour and the classics My Side of the Mountain and Father and I Were Ranchers. Declan also made great strides in swimming this year achieving three ribbon levels during the summer and fall.  

If she isn’t crawling about being any number of animal creatures, she is busy in the library creating with paper, crayon, cardboard and tape. Annabelle wakes up with an idea of what she wants to play and will often be busily imagining instead of eating breakfast. 
Jim and Carol

We celebrated 10 years of marriage this year with a day in Napa (thanks to my niece Michelle-star babysitter). 
Highlights of 2011
Matt’s Wedding
We gained an aunt/sister and a cousin/nephew when Carol’s brother Matt got married in August. MaryKate and Annabelle were flower girls  and a great time was had by all!  
Family Field Trips
This was the year of Reagan. We visited the Reagan library twice and the Reagan Ranch Center once. The kids are great fans and have developed an interest in American history and the founding fathers as well. 
come on over!
We have enjoyed lots of great visits from friends and family this year: Thanksgiving here, lots of dinners with various friends, visits to So. Cal and Sacramento. 
Don’t forget you can keep up with our lives (and my thoughts) on my blog:
To all of our friends and family: We hope your Christmas was filled with Joy and that the New Year brings you health and happiness!        
With Love, Jim, Carol, MaryKate, Declan and Annabelle Kennedy

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