Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leaping through Salvation History

We have had this kid's Bible Study for...well, lets just say more than a year.... and just recently took it down to start working on it.

The Great Adventure Kids
I was very excited about it when we got it, but then life sped on know how that goes. So we had about a week between our last saint chapter book and our Lenten read aloud for our evening family time. We decided it was just enough time to walk run through Salvation History and introduce the time periods. My plan was to build a time line on the wall, then I got a brilliant idea...okay, maybe not brilliant, but I think it is a pretty good idea!

The way this bible study works is that Salvation History is split into periods that are color coded and contain certain figures and events. It is a way of organizing all those people and stories you already know (and some you don't) from hearing them in the readings at Mass and seeing the progression of God's work within His family from Creation up to the present period of The Church. A great tool for adults as well as children.

Now, back to my is actually kinda brilliant when you know how UN-crafty I am, and that I am a novice postulant sewer (I can just barely recall how to turn it on and thread it when I sit down to sew). First, the kit above comes with a card game which contains cards for each of the major events organized by period. I wanted a way for them to lay those cards out and use them to recall the order of events.

So, I made a felt version of the timeline:

with two pieces of felt for each colored time period...

sewn together...

and then rolled out in a long line.

There it is! They have rolled it out several times and placed all the cards in the right place and now we have a way to add events, figures, etc to our time line. We can also put it away quite easily.

What do you think?

NOTE: In the interest of full disclosure I was a fellow student with the timeline's creator, Jeff Cavins, at Franciscan University of Steubenville and had the great pleasure of being his oldest daughter's catechist when she came into the Church. His wife Emily co-authored the kid's version of the timeline. 


  1. I think you rock!! We have a timeline like this in our homeschool co-op history group, but no color coding or fancy felt. I didn't even know they had a children's version of that! That is really cool.