Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Morning Quarterback

I was going to call this "Monday Morning Catch up", but after a late night of football watching...and buffalo wing eating and wine drinking and more eating.... I thought the football theme appropriate.

So...don't you think the Super Bowl was a nice break from all the intensity and violence of the season? You know the Republican Primary Season? I get a little too worked up over those debates...with elections or caucuses every week. My blood pressure can't take too much of that. I needed a rousing game of American football with all its head smashing, bodies flying, kicking, tackling, blitzing. Now, I may be just relaxed enough to watch tomorrow's election returns.


In the spirit of second guessing the decisions of yesterday (i.e. Monday Morning Quarterbacking), I am firming up my opinion that we have math education all wrong in this day and age. I read this article earlier today. I have read references to this study before and it made sense to me. But seeing it all spelled out confirmed it. There is no need for more than half the population to be math-phobic. We practically force kids to hate math these days. I think I will take the proposed math curriculum in Part II and use it on myself. Maybe I can undo my mathallergic mindset!

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  1. LOL! I almost heard a roar come out of your mouth when you so vividly described football!