Monday, April 23, 2012

Proof of Life and Dirt

 This blog post is proof that I am still out there in cyber space.
And these pictures are proof that I let my kids play with dirt yesterday!
How very earth-mother of me, don't you think?
Farmer A.
Those little mounds of dirt and grass are bricks. We are studying California and they discovered that the Indians made adobe bricks out of mud, so why can't they do it too?

M is trying to hide from the sun and find some mud under the mulch. 

So, his plan is to make enough bricks to build a small house and then use it as a little prayer chapel. 

Aren't kids great! They see something done, and they automatically think "I can do that" and then they set out to do it. And soon enough they will discover they can't actually build a building with the materials at hand and they will either downsize their expectations (to a small wall, or maybe just playing in mud) or they will be momentarily disappointed and then on to the next project. 
For the record, we were NOT celebrating Earth Day (at least not on purpose) and my dirty kids were met at the door and dusted off, stripped of dirty shoes, socks, and pants and sent upstairs to change. Letting kids get dirty is all fine and dandy, but I have my limits.


These pictures have nothing to do with dirt. But we did have St. George's Flag Waffles for breakfast today in honor of his feast.
 The plan is to make a dragon cake for after dinner. Here is our cake from two years ago...think we skipped it last year.

No doubt she was being a dragon. I should post some pictures of all her dragon art someday soon. Also notice the big gapping hole in her smile...two lost teeth in less than a week! And both times the Tooth Fairy had to be reminded the next morning. She was gracious and offered to act surprised after I put in under her pillow. 

Happy Feast of St. George!