Monday, January 14, 2013

Dear Kids...

Dear Kids,

I have been trying to write this blog for a few years now…since I got my first Apple in Aberdeen. I meant to chronicle some of our adventures in the UK. And I did. Some. Then, I meant to just chronicle my life with you, or was it my thoughts?...maybe the funny things you said? Or I said? 

At any rate, it hasn't been a regular thing, or what you might call a roaring success. 

But, today, I had an idea. When I thought about things I wanted to write about, I tried to think about my audience. I mean, who reads this little blog? I have my friend at Reasons For Chocolate (Hi Patty!), and I am sure your Grandma and maybe an Aunt, Uncle or cousin, or two, read it. There may still be a few people out there who have read it in the past. A very few.

So, again, who is my audience? Who motivates me to write? 

Well…you do! You three Kennedy kids. 

So, today (and maybe from this point forward. We will see.), I wrote to my grown-up kids. The wonderful young adults you will be some day. 

My hope is that you will laugh, learn…maybe even cringe a little…and we will have a conversation about all this stuff around the dinner table. 

Today, I end with a quintessential A moment:

From the first reading last Thursday at Mass: 
"This is the commandment we have from him:
Whoever loves God must also love his brother."

From immediately following the first reading last Thursday at Mass: 
"Does God have a brother!?"



  1. Bravo! I'm being selfish...I love to read what you write. You put what is in my heart and head on paper with words that I can never seem to connect. But for your children...that is who you should write for :) And yourself...the happy memories that mothers want to remember, but in the hectic life of homeschooling, we sometimes forget to. I started my blog to chronicle those memories. I added photos to make myself really get involve in the moment and snap away. Blogging has slowed my life down just a smidge...just enough for me to remember and laugh a little bit more at. Blessings in this new year and your journey!

  2. Patty, I am glad you enjoy my blog! I don't intend to stop writing, just to find my focus and motivation. I am hoping, like you that blogging will help me to remember and to laugh. It is a chronicle, with a gimmick, I guess.

  3. Dear Carol
    I think A is just thinking in a logical manner. She must take after her Grandmother P.