Monday, January 21, 2013

Let's Make a Deal

Shrewd Businessman?

Dear Kids,

I have to tell you today about the embarrassingly bad business deal I recently made. I want you to learn from my mistakes. Never make a promise to pay for a service when you have no idea what that service will cost you! Though the work I wanted done is completed it will cost me more than two times what it should have. Seriously, be careful when you make a deal with a shrewd businessman. 

So, my story starts a month ago, after our move to Texas. As you know, the moving company likes to mark the items moved with little colored stickers. Well, we have learned from past moves that those stickers are stubborn things. In fact, we still have stickers and marks from stickers dating back to our move to England in 2006. I didn't want that to happen again so I was determined to get every last sticker off of the furniture and other items that had been tagged. My plan was to offer D money for each sticker he could find. I knew with a little incentive he would find many if not all of the stickers that were left. 

The mistake I made was not having a clear idea just how many stickers may be left and how much it could cost me if I gave him a generous amount per sticker. 

I wanted him to be motivated. And I wanted the job done in a timely manner. So I offered him….wait for it….SERIOUSLY! WHAT WAS I THINKING!!….I promised 25¢ per sticker. 

Yep. Your Mama is that naive. In retrospect, a dime a sticker would have been a great amount. But no, I said a QUARTER!!!! 

In order to keep the job under $50 I had to eliminate the garage as a possible location for finding stickers. (To be fair, I never meant to remove stickers from every box and piece of junk in the garage!)

I also had to set a deadline. He had till Sunday evening close of business (i.e.: bedtime) to turn in his stickers.

Shrewd Businessman alright!
So, Mister D presented me with a bill for 100 stickers. A clean 25 buckaroos! Pretty good for a kid who has never had more than a few bucks of tooth money in his pocket, huh?

He says he is going to buy himself a big belt buckle at the rodeo. 

Ummm…yes…we have become TEXANS!

Now Papa says I have to skip Starbucks for awhile to make up the difference!

Your Poor Mama


  1. HA! Good for him, not so good for you!

  2. Carol
    When I saw the picture of D with that silver convertible I thought he was putting his earning towards buying that car.
    Can I borrow D to help me work out some deals here to have M and M do some jobs for me?

  3. LOL! He is going to be very successful some day!! (Had to chuckle at the garage "off limits" deal. Good thinking on your part.) And a big buckle - yeehaw! Love it :)

  4. Carol,

    I love your story! I did something similar, promising a particular amount of money per bean earned, for our Lenten bean jar. I never knew so many beans could fit into one jar! I guess I can't complain as lots of sacrifices were made cheerfully and the money ended up going to charity.

    By the way, I followed the link from the Unschooling Catholics blog. I'm glad I did!

  5. Thanks Sue! I have enjoyed perusing your blog as well!