Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Star Trek to Starbucks

Dear Kids,

I really never thought that I would have kids that played Star Trek. Nothing wrong with that. Nothing it all. I just never thought. 

Not too long ago, A greeted me first thing in the morning with "Mama, there is a Borg walking around upstairs."

Needless to say, my heart leapt into my throat. 

"You are just pretending, right?" I said with alarm. 

She smiled and assured me with a very subtle nod…she didn't want to break from her role for too long. 

The rest of the day I received updates on the number and location of the Borg drones around the house. I was assured Bolt (yes, we need to tell the story of Bolt here don't we…another day) was taking care of it. Obviously, I was comforted by this. Wouldn't you be?

Recently, a dinner conversation devolved into a rapid fire volley of "Remember the episode when Chakotay was…." and "Remember  when Captian Picard said…" punctuated by laughter and "That was so cool!"

Fortunately for M and I your Papa gently reminded you that dinner conversation was meant to include all. And the two Trekless members of the family were greatly relieved. 

Of course, M and I could have regaled you all with tales of our multiple trips to Starbucks for our menu planning meetings (which is what gives the rest of you the opportunity to watch Star Trek). 

Me: "M, remember that time that you got a cake pop?"

M: "Ya, that was so great! Remember that time you got the Venti Iced Tea, Black, Unsweetened, Light on the Water, Heavy on the Ice?" *

Me: "Yes, very fondly. And remember the time you got the cake pop?"

*Note: the preceding was a not so veiled hint to anyone visiting me on a hot Texas day to feel free to bring me a Venti Iced Tea, Black, Unsweetened, Light on the Water, Heavy on the Ice. 


  1. I was JUST saying out loud...(while changing a very squirmy baby)...resistance is futile! And I was also JUST thinking this past weekend that we need to hook up half way possibly? But there really isn't much between Dallas and Houston! We need a plan, girl.

  2. Yes, we need a plan! I will catch you on FB.