Monday, May 6, 2013

The Legend of Bolt

Dear Kids,

It all started with a movie. In case you don't remember it, Bolt is a dog in a movie that is about a dog in a movie. Bolt is the faithful hero dog of a little girl named Penny who is an actress. He really believes that all the special effects are his own gifts and talents used to stop the bad guys from hurting Penny. 

When A first saw this movie she was so excited about this amazing dog that she ran out to play right in the middle of the movie…before we find out that Bolt is just an actor. You could not tell her that Bolt couldn't do all those amazing things in "real" life. 

She wanted a Bolt all her own. She hinted, cajoled, begged. But was finally convinced that no where would we find a stuffed Bolt that looked just like the one in the movie (she knew better than to ask for a real dog--at least not more than once or twice). 

In true A-form, she took matters into her own hands and created a Bolt out of a towel (for the body), a sock ( for the head) and some leggings (for the legs). A little tape and a black marker and Bolt Classic was born:
You can't really see the great detail in his face. She did a really good job...all by herself!
He was her constant companion and declared by her Papa to be the "best dog ever" (no food, no messes, no barking). Of course, he still got dirty and it wasn't long before Mama (at the urging of Aunt Margie who refused to let Bolt sit on her furniture, and almost kicked him out of the house for being filthy) decided an intervention was needed. 

I began to talk about how Bolt needed a bath but couldn't take one because he was held together by tape. I suggested we sew him together and remove the tape. A was open to the idea. 

It is important to note here that at this point in time we had had our California house on the market for a couple of months (keeping it staged and in perfect condition for buyers on a daily basis) and were looking at the distinct possibility of moving to Texas. So, I had a long list of "to do's"…and thus the perfect excuse to take on a big sewing project (any sewing project is big for me because I don't know how to sew--I just happen to own a machine). 

Needless to say, given that "to do" list, sewing Bolt Classic together turned into sewing an entirely new Bolt. A drew the pattern and I spent lots of time re-learning how to thread the needle. Then I sewed.

And Bolt 2.0 was born. 

Pictured here with Desperaux and Snowy. The red band around Bolt his his leash.

This Bolt has been all over the country. He has a fiancĂ© in California (M's speech teacher's dog). He's had his eyes, nose, and bolt re-drawn. And he has been through the washing machine several times as well. Bolt is truly the BEST DOG EVER. 

Of course there is always talk of a Bolt 3.0 who will do amazing things. But he hasn't quite materialized. In the meantime, Bolt's grand parents have shown up--just like Bolt Classic, they are made of old hand towels and socks. Aren't they sweet? 

From the left: Grandma Bolt, Grandpa Bolt and Bolt 2.0

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