Monday, June 24, 2013

The Tooth Fairy is...the tooth fairy!

Just in case you haven't had the joy of meeting Lola and Lotta, Charlie and Marv:

UPDATE: I meant to save this post and write more later. But I accidentally posted it this morning. So, here is why: 
We just loved Charlie and Lola back in 2005/6 before we moved to England. We watched it there too. It was one of those kids shows that I never minded having on...I get such a kick out of Lola! And Charlie is the best big brother! 
But it has been years since we have watched it. Then, the past week or so has been a big tooth-losing time for us. Three teeth from two kids in one week!
And this show came to mind...especially my all time favorite Lotta line as she explains to her best friend Lola who the Tooth Fairy is: 
"The tooth fairy is....the tooth fairy."
only it sounds a little more like
Da Tooth Fairy is...da tooth fairy. 
Now we are enjoying short episodes as we do hair in the morning. We can usually get at least one in before we leave the house. 

I hope you enjoy Charlie and Lola as much as I do my kids do. :)

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  1. My kids loved Charlie and Lola!!! I haven't seen it in years, and forgot about it until now.