Thursday, July 25, 2013

{pretty, happy, funny, real} Summer Learning Edition

We have had some fun learning projects this summer that I haven't shared yet. 
These are not in chronological order, 
they are in {phfr} order. 
Today I am joining all the lovely ladies at 
for the weekly {pretty, happy, funny, real} party. 


Here are some of the beautiful creations from our paint-your-own pottery excursion with some friends. This picture does not do them justice AT ALL. They are really quite colorful and very beautiful. 

The color is a little better here. 
The day we picked them up, our friends came over and we had a little pottery show and snack time. Of course there was lots of playing going on too. I wish I had pictures of the kids, all decked out in various costumes climbing all over our dome in the backyard. 


Happy and focused faces....

working hard on creating a unique piece of pottery. 

It really was a fun day and, as much as we loved our {pretty}pottery and day of showing it, the actual time spent creating was wonderful. There were great lessons in making a plan, persevering (the plan always takes longer than you think), expressing yourself, encouraging your neighbor....and, of course, the economic lessons "No, we can't spend $60 on that cute dog statue...we have a budget for the day"

Given that last lesson, we won't be doing this activity often. But, we have definitely learned that it can be a fun birthday outing, or special once a year activity. 

Both times we were in the pottery studio, we saw groups of young ladies (probably 14-18 year old) painting some beautiful pieces. What a great, wholesome idea for that particular set! 


 Marshmallow Math
Math You Can Eat
Giant Mom attacks tiny dome house. 
Earlier in the summer, we made geodesic domes out of toothpicks and marshmallows. That project was a spin off of the building of the climbing dome in our backyard (see below). 
In the picture above, I was trying to take a picture from inside the dome to give a different perspective. I didn't mean to be in the picture. 

So after we did Math You Can Eat we did Math You Can Climb On


The final product, not fit to eat, but fun to look at (until they must be tossed in the trash to avoid ants).

round button chicken


  1. So fun! Math you can eat then to actually play on the structure, fun!
    The museum quality display really gave them a treat to appreciate their work and the process getting there. It's always a nice surprise how well the colors brighten in the final product.

  2. Every time my children do a project they have the hardest time letting go of that project. Throwing away the sugar cube pyramids was travesty and the sugar wafer eiffel tower brought tears. "BUT WHY Mama, do you make us do these things if you are just going to throw them away" the wails say.

    "It is the PROCESS that counts, my dearies, the PROCESS. Now have a cookie."

    I wonder- does this happen to you too?

    1. Totally Rebecca! I approached the tossing of the marshmallow structures with fear and trepidation. I stuck them in the fridge several nights in a row. And when I left them in there one day and no one noticed I quickly tossed them. I think there were still some tears from the 7yo (who is attached to everything thing she ever touched or set her eyes on!).

      And yes, cookies heal a lot of heartbreaks...for now. :)

  3. The art turned out GREAT!!! Tell them we said so :) And way to go with tying in the math you can eat and play on :) I never would have thought of that!

  4. Thanks for joining! Fun post!