Friday, August 2, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

Last night, we had the parish seminarian, who is already a Deacon, over for dinner. He is studying in Rome and at our parish for a few more weeks. We had a great conversation about Catholic family life, the Theology of the Body, catechesis, and many other things. And one reason this was so delightful was our kids' behavior. They are usually good kids but often have, shall we say, a lot to say. Yet, they were able to sit and listen and not interrupt. 

And then the miracle happened. Maybe I am slightly overstating it---you tell me:

When dinner was over, while we sat and talked with the Deacon, the two oldest cleared the table. But that was only the beginning of the miracle amazing thing---then D set to washing (by hand), drying and putting away every dish! I had my back to the sink, which was probably a good thing, and I heard water running, dishes being moved and I thought maybe he was filling the dishwasher---which would have been great. I expected to have SOME of it done when we finished talking with our guest. 
But it was ALL done. 
The leftover food was covered with foil. 
The counter top was wiped down. 
He even wiped the table while we sat and talked. 

Jim and I were over-the- top proud. 

We have been listening to a playlist on the iPod on the way to Mass each morning. It includes some music by L'Angelus (whom you must check out if you haven't already) and the morning offering, guardian angel prayer, and then some Latin: the Pater Noster and the hymn Adoro Te Devote. 

The kids love the music by L'Angelus, but were not sure about the Latin hymn. In fact, whenever it came on, M would complain. 
"Not this!", she would whine. 

But I persisted. It was on the playlist, I wasn't going to skip it. So we have been doing this for a few weeks now. 

Just the other day, when the Adoro Te Devote came on M sighed and said "That's beautiful!". 

Somewhere in there is a lesson-- about the power of truly beautiful music; about developing taste; about perseverance. Maybe I will blog more about it in the future if I can mull it over for awhile. 

Some of our extended family in Scotland are coming to visit this weekend. They will be here for two weeks. And during the second week my niece, who studies at University of Dallas, will come for a week of relaxation (we hope it is relaxing). 

It is going to be fun seeing The Cousins (as Jim's brothers kids in Scotland are called) again. We saw them briefly before we left California, but haven't had a lot of time with them since we lived in Scotland. And it will be fun to introduce The Cousins to Michelle, the oldest cousin (my sister's first born) on either side of the family. They have all heard of each other but never met. 

In the garden (I have a hard time calling it a garden---it is more like "a few pots in which we randomly planted seeds not thinking we would get much of anything out of it"---anyway, the garden is growing real stuff! I mean I have at least 4 cucumbers. They are kinda pale, but getting big. And at least 2 watermelons that are small but nicely green. I have little hope that anything will taste very good, but I am now feeling very attached to my garden. I watch it carefully to make sure it is watered. I check the fruits and veggies daily. Pretty fun!

Did I mention we did First Communion banners? No, we don't have a first communicant at the moment (hopefully next spring). But we never did them with M and D--mostly because I didn't know the cool kits were available till later (and maybe I thought banners were a 70's throw back because that was when I did them, back in the days when catechesis was collages and kumbaya)--But then I bought two that I thought we would do on the anniversary of their First Communion. That never worked out. After two years of the kits sitting on a shelf and being moved across the country, I decided to get one for A since she would be bummed not to do one. Then they say a little longer on the shelf.
Finally, I couldn't wait till next year (go figure! I already waited two years---why not one more?). Nope. 
D mentioned it one day and I seized the moment. They each did one last week. It was still July, and their anniversary is in July, so it was sort of the right time. 
They love the banners, and we plan to add some dates (but not with glitter glue because I hate strongly dislike glitter glue!!) at some point. 

Ummmm.....okay, you remember pagers? Well we have a few old ones laying around and one of the kids asked about it. So I said "someone would call your pager number and it would beep and show you a number and then you would go and call that number back when you got to a phone."
Do you remember when that was really cool? 
When only real business men (or, you know, drug dealers and stuff) had pagers? 
Me too. 
But now, it sounds really lame. Why would you do that? The kids had a sort of confused look on their faces. They decided to pretend it was a phone. Makes more sense. 
I can remember when cell phones were "car phones" and they were huge and they were attached to your car and it would run down your car battery if you weren't careful. 

We just started the last book of the Chronicles of Narnia. We finished the Silver Chair last week and are now reading The Last Battle. In case you haven't read it or don't recall the story starts with a donkey (named Puzzle) and an ape (named Shift) and a lion skin---all of which result in the men and talking beasts of Narnia thinking that Aslan has returned, though he doesn't act like Aslan. He does very un-Aslan-like things (like staying in a tent most of the day and refusing to see anyone; like ordering talking beasts to be enslaved and talking trees to be killed). The kids thought it was very clear that this could not be Aslan and why didn't the Narnian's see it. This led to a discussion of Faith, and how it must be nurtured and how important a personal relationship with God is. 
All from a story about a donkey and an ape. 
This is the value of fairy tale. 

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