Thursday, August 22, 2013

{pretty, happy, funny, real} Summer Memories Edition

All pictures courtesy of Mary at Counting Gifts of Grace

Isn't Mary a great photographer and aren't our kids cute!! I LOVE this picture! This is from our field trip to the zoo last May (or maybe it was early June). We were so sure it would be fairly un-crowded. After all, school was still in. 
{happy, funny}

Aren't they cute little monkeys?
When we got to the zoo, we were welcomed by a big sign that said something like: WELCOME ALL YOU MILLIONS OF KINDERGARTENERS TO NATIONAL KINDERGARTEN FIELD TRIP DAY! much for uncrowded. Homeschooler's nightmare, right? Well it actually went quite well, when we saw a crowd, we let them pass (those kindergarten teachers move fast). We avoided the playground area--no problem there since our kids took one look at the crowds and turned the other way. We even found a nice quiet place to have lunch.
So, despite the crowds we had a GREAT time
(as you can tell by the smiles). 

 These pictures are from our nature walk in June. 
Say cheese! Maybe YOU will be in our next {phfr} post. 
Can you tell how hot we all were? Lucky we had frozen water bottles (although we melted faster than the frozen water!)
and turkey jerky!

And what is more REAL than a pretty leaf. I love this picture too!
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  1. Oh my gracious you may have just confirmed my worst fear! I plan on taking the kids to the zoo tomorrow as a last summer hurrah before we start school on Monday. I chose tomorrow because all the surrounding schools are now in session and I thought they would still be too busy settling in to be taking field trips.

    3-2-1 Party

    1. Oh! Well I hope your trip went well! I am sure it is too early for field trips--gotta have time to get those permission slips in, right ;)

  2. I love trips to the zoo. We don't have one anywhere near us, but whenever we get the chance we go! We have had a few hot summer afternoons spent melting in a zoo. Always great memories.

    1. You know, this was probably the second time my kids have been to a real zoo. They have been to a little mini zoo in CA that was more like a wild animal shelter, but still fun!