Thursday, August 8, 2013

{pretty, happy, funny, real} Video Edition

round button chicken

This great Thursday meme is meant to be a capturing of contentment in everyday life. Apparently I don't capture enough contentment in my everyday least not on film...because I could only find photo evidence of something that I had already blogged about
But Monday I used a photo 
and today I use a 
(see how clever I am!)

This video is {pretty}--wait till you see the pretty green plants and the very pretty little girl. 
This video is {happy}---because a crying, distraught little girl found a way (with the help of a great big brother) to make peace with the death of the beloved cricket that she imagined to be her new best friend. 
This video is {funny}---well, ummm....that pile of round white things are golf balls found in the backyard (wait, that's not the funny party) and once one of them was mistaken for a piece of "golf-ball-sized-hail" until we realized it wasn't melting like all the other hail on the ground around it and that it was ACTUALLY a golf ball. 
This video is {real}---because she really was SAD and had imagined the little cricket in a little jar with lots of leaves and she was going to watch it crawl about, but it died before she could get the jar from the kitchen to the backyard. 

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  1. Tell the Bug News Reporter that he did a FABULOUS job giving us the details on the local obituaries. :)