Thursday, August 1, 2013

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I was trying to take a picture of the Lincoln Log cannons on the window sill (bottom and middle), but instead the camera caught what my eyes were not focusing on----my beautiful backyard! I can't believe I live amongst so many trees.
I am so blessed!
Last week was Name Day Week. We have not been very consistent with our name day celebrations over the years and we never noticed that we have three consecutive namedays in one week. The kids had fun decorating the table each day and having a special dessert. There was some hopeful hinting about gifts, but they quickly got the message that nothing material would be awaiting them that day.
And now I have a note in Evernote with everyone's nameday and I am beginning to add celebration ideas and prayers. 


My poor kids want a pet so bad they have made cages for their stuffed animals. It is ironic that I am the mom holding firm on the no pets rule--me, the former guinea pig/rabbit/frog owning kid.
Maybe that is why. 

But, who needs real pets when you have a great blue rubber elephant to sleep with? 
See, pretend pets are SO much better!
Don't look at that shelf behind her pillow...yes, the one filled with "junk". I searched high and low for beds with shelves (because I had them growing up and I thought they would be space savers--no need for a bedside table) but now I hate strongly dislike them. Any ideas on covering the shelf area?

I mean besides that yellow disaster zone tape--or is that crime scene tape I am thinking of---
oh well, same idea. 

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  1. LOVE this!! First, the area you live in is just so beautiful! I always love driving through there gazing up at such majestic trees. And then I laughed HARD at your kids' cages for their pets. That is so my kids!! They are begging for a dog, but I would completely stress out at this stage in my life. I think I will get a little, pet doggy when they are grown and move out? Ha ha! Sweetie pie's Mabel has the same ones. I think they are adorable :)

  2. Pretend pets are so much better! I did the same thing as a kid. I wanted a cat so bad, I would roll on the floor under tables in front of people all over the place meowing like a a little fool. I finally got a cat and I was allergic. Sigh.

  3. OK - SO!! I am SUPER impressed with all of the blogging you have been doing. I apparently haven't been getting my notifications showing up in my emails, so I had NO idea how PROLIFIC you have been in the pass month. Please keep it up!!! You entertain me! :) From Laurie ( I really have to figure how this comment thing works).

  4. My husband and son share a name, and hence a nameday, which is the same as my husband's birthday... so far, not much trouble remembering that one! But I have an email reminder set up in my google calendar so I remember in time to send a little something for my goddaughter's nameday each year. Makes me feel much more on top of things than I am!
    How about a few baskets on the shelf to contain the mess? I am such a fan of baskets!

  5. I think a fabric shade of some sort would be perfect to cover. Maybe a strip of Velcro across the top and them let the fabric hang down.

  6. Rosie, I love baskets too, and I use them all over. I hadn't really thought of this as a basket spot--I'll have to look at it again.
    Mother4--Now that is a cool idea. I may have to look around (pinterest maybe? ) and see what I may come up with.
    Part of me just wants to seal it shut -nail a (pretty) board over it and end the mess. :)