Thursday, August 15, 2013

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I mentioned yesterday that taking pictures in not exactly my thing. So today I had planned to participate again in {pretty, happy, funny, real}but I have no idea what sort of material I have to work with. Did I take pictures this week? Was it with the iPod or the camera? Where is the cord for the camera? What if the pictures have nothing in common? What if none of them is pretty? Or funny? I am pretty sure I can get happy, and I know I can get real...hmmmm.

So I find the camera and cord but no luck getting my computer to recognize them. I try a card reader with the memory card in it....still no luck.

The pictures from my iPod will have to do.


I am pretending to be a "mom of many". When I added my two nieces and one of my nephews to the crew for this week I felt like some of my friends who have youth down to littles.
 I had a van full and I loved it!
This is us at a nearby koi pond. Can you tell we are all wilting?
 If you saw me you would be able to tell. 
 {funny, real}

Here is our first crop.
The one on the left is a watermelon, in case you can't tell.
The long whitish things are cucumbers. My nephew tasted the watermelon when I mentioned that I had heard (too late) that planting cucumber and watermelon together made the watermelon bitter. He said it wasn't bitter...but he wouldn't say it was sweet either. We haven't tasted the cucumbers.
In defense of our farming skills we really didn't set out to get a crop---we just randomly picked some plants at the nursery and put them in a planter just to get our hands a little dirty and get some practice keeping things alive in this climate. Maybe next year we will plant some stuff with a bit of a plan ahead of time.

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  1. I hope you enjoy your visit with your "newest additions" to your family :)

  2. Oh I just love your gardening skills and your humor :) God bless!