Saturday, August 3, 2013

Weekend Links

One of my favorite type of blog post (especially when it comes from my favorite bloggers) is a Saturday morning list of article/blog post links. 

Like Mother, Like Daughter does their {bits & pieces} post every weekend. And today I got a new idea for cooking bacon. 

Jamie at Simple Homeschool also does a weekend links post and I enjoyed this article this morning, especially #1. 

Sometime last week, I found this link from someone on Facebook (sorry, I don't remember who it was!): Big Dreams.

I found it very interesting because it contains a story of a little girl making a robot out of paper and cardboard, glue and tape. And when she had worked so hard and was all done she asked her parents for batteries to put in her robot to make it work. Her parents were faced with a choice: give her the batteries and let her discover the truth or gently explain that they won't work. 

We have a little girl in this house who did that very same thing...exactly. We were caught by surprise when she asked for batteries and I really don't recall my reaction. I think I waited to see what she would do, but I do remember a slightly tear filled conversation about how real robots work. 

But, yesterday, when a certain boy announced plans to sew a stuffed dog just like Balto from the book he read, with fur and everything, I struggled to let the dream be. 

Read the article to find out what happens with the little girl and the robot in the article. It may change the way you approach your kids' big dreams. Come back and let me know what you think.

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