Thursday, September 19, 2013

{pretty, happy, funny, real} Internet Friends Edition

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Last week we had the pleasure of getting together with Patty and family from Reasons For Chocolate. I am not really sure when I first started reading Patty's blog and how I found it, but it is very likely that it had something to do with chocolate. So, of course, I was hooked. And for a few years I have been watching her kids grow and reading about life in Patty's world. About the same time she began reading mine and may have been the first to ever comment. She has certainly been my most frequent commenter and number one encourager! 
We had a delightful time talking, watching the kids get along, chasing cutie pie Clementine---seriously, the cutest little trotting toddler I have ever seen (my own kids excluded of course ;)
All pictures but the last are Patty's expert work. The last is taken by David. 


Brand new friends, just like old friends. 
The kids got along swimmingly!


Two boys who spend most of their days surrounded by girls find some time to play Davy Crocket and Roy Rodgers. 
What could be happier than that? 

Roy Rodgers said "I'm distracting the Indian while Davy Crockett shoots." 


Just before Patty and David and clan arrived Jim and I turned to each other and said "So this is the second time we meet in real life someone whom we only knew on the internet." 
(the first meeting was with each other 13 years ago next month)

What a fun testament to the Family of God. 
When we share our Faith we are truly Family.
[not pictured: the two dads who lead these families! They were intrepid photographers for this miraculous picture--which was preceded by lots of chaos and at least one melt down. Sally heroically swept in and somehow switched A from stubborn-I-won't-take-a-picture girl to smiling-sweetness-girl!]

round button chicken


  1. What fun the boys had! Too sweet to have Davy Crockett and Roy Rodgers in the backyard (I'm missing those moments).
    How great to meet friends - and then for real in real life!

  2. I'm jealous....just saying.........:).

    (If I could figure out to identify myself, I would. I do not wish to remain anonymous - so I will sign off as.....your former favorite roommate :)(the one that would watch the Waltons with you - "Goodnight, Carol Louise).

    1. Good Night Mary Ellen...I mean Laurie Ann (sorry, I am don't remember your middle name!!! that it? just guessing.) :)

    2. Laurie's RoommateSeptember 19, 2013 at 3:39 PM

      Did you try commenting under "Name/URL" (in drop down menu next to "reply as") but leave URL blank? I am going to try it now.

  3. Ha ha! This made me smile while sitting wide awake in the hospital :)
    We need not wait too long for our next gathering :)

  4. Ummmm- you may think you have forgotten it but you did use it - how about trying Laurie Ellen - instead of Mary Ellen? ( See, I just belong in that Walton's family :)