Thursday, September 5, 2013

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The other day the 7 year old came into my room (at ten minutes to 6-----AM!) to chat. She said that when she moved her eyes "like this they just stay in the middle". She knows this because when she looked in the mirror "her eye balls were facing straight". Such a problem for an early morning. So I took a picture with my iPod to show her. Then I thought it turned out so pretty!

{happy} birthday

And, of course, the people in this picture make me happy!
My prayer at the end of every Mass is: "Thank you Jesus for the blessing of receiving You in Holy Communion. For the blessing of my husband and for my three kids, right here, right now at this developmental stage of their life. 


 Yes, you saw that right. This is what happens when you are in a hurry to frost the cake and you don't wait until it is totally cool. AND when it is September in Texas and it is over 100 outside. 
Everyday lessons. I guess school HAS started in this house. 


The kids like to take their turn with the camera. Most of the time they offer to take a picture of Jim and I, then whomever is not the photographer gets in the act. And so we have many of these sorts of couple pictures 
We were both reminded of another such incident four (FOUR!!?) years ago when we were in Paris at the Louvre. 
Sounds romantic, huh? Or maybe snooty?
This picture reminds us that, although it was wonderful and beautiful and a blessing....
it was also real. 

For some reason, the idea of standing there watching her brother take a picture of her parents was traumatizing. 
Poor, sweet, three year old A. 

round button chicken


  1. Chocolate cake- looks delicious no matter the shape.
    Funny, happy birthday- you all beam happiness in these pictures!

  2. The cake was delicious. :)
    Thanks! Jim had a nice birthday, I think. :)

  3. What a wonderful family journal you have going here...your children are blessed. The 'moving eyes' story is just plain sweet.

    btw - your chocolate cake looks perfectly fine to me! I once did not wait for a cake to cool and it split/cracked right down the middle. Since we live in California, we called it the Earthquake Cake. :o)