Sunday, October 27, 2013

Feasting on the Vigil of St. Crispin

Last week, D worked very hard to plan and prepare for his first annual (we hope!) St. Crispin's Day vigil feast. He planned the menu, set the table, prepared the dessert, helped with his costume and, most important of all, practiced his speech. The day was lots of fun for the whole family and you can share in some of it in the video below.

The plan was to post this on Friday but that morning D woke up sick. Only today is he back to his cheerful, hungry self and we had the time to edit the video and post it.

So, here it is, a couple of days late:

For the sake of comparison, here is the full speech by Kenneth Branaugh in his movie version of Henry V. It is D's goal to perform this whole speech next year, making improvements on what he already knows. 


  1. Bravo! Bravo! So impressive, accent and all!

  2. Excellent delivery! Great work D!
    That was lots of hard work, I'm sure.