Thursday, October 17, 2013

{p,h,f,r} Kennedy Kids Edition

This week the Kennedy Kids have taken over the {pretty, happy, funny, real} post. I asked them each to take one of the words and use their photography skills and my iPod to come up with a picture that suits the word. Here is what they came up with. 


Predictably, M chose to do the word "pretty". Here is what she came up with. 

Idea: M  Photographer: D
She knows her subject well, doesn't she!


D chose the word "happy" and so he headed to the library. 

Idea: D  Photographer: Me

He said "Reading good books makes you happy." Here he is "reading" a Michael O'Brien book (can't you tell by the sheer size of it?) which, of course, he can't read yet. 
However, he is always hopefully looking forward to the day when all the books in the library are "at his level". 


D and A worked together on this one. 

Idea: D and A    Photographer: A
They said it was funny "because he is using an umbrella indoors." 
I believe there was some musical accompaniment while this was being taken--to the tune of "Singing in the Rain."
I think it has a very artistic look, don't you? 


A jumped at the chance to do "real". She is adamant that her beloved home-made lion cub "Simba" is real.

So here he is "really" drinking from the pool.
Idea: A   Photographer: D

And here he is "really" climbing a tree.

Idea: A   Photographer: D

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  1. LOL!!!!! Okay...this has to be THE BEST PHFR EVER! What a creative idea on mama's part and wow! those kiddos sure knew just what to do! Loved it!

  2. Great job! M is very pretty, the umbrella is funny in a theatrical way and the color of the blue water with Simba is beautiful.