Thursday, October 31, 2013

{pretty, happy, funny, real} Franciscan Saints Edition

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A decided to be St. Agnes of Assisi, St. Clare's sister. I don't recall ever hearing about her, but the girls had listened to the Glory Stories version of St. Clare and remembered her sister's name. When she said she wanted to be St. Agnes I thought she meant the early Church martyr. When we finally figured out what they were talking about, I thought it was so sweet that they wanted to be Sister Sister Sisters! 


What could be happier than Sister (St. Agnes and St. Clare) Sister (M and A) Sisters?


So, when his sisters decided to be St. Clare and St. Agnes D just HAD to be St. Francis!

 {more funny}

The funny picture above reminded me of the serious picture below, thus making it more funny, if that makes any sense.  

"A Levitation of St. Francis" circa 1640

{really carving pumpkins}

 {real conversations between 
St. Francis and the Poor Clares} 

For an explanation of our thinking toward Halloween and trick or treating go read Charlotte at Waltzing Matilda. We're pretty much exactly where they are! While you're there check out her fun treasure hunt.

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  1. Okay….y'all are way too brilliant! What a perfect "theme".

  2. Loved your Sister Sister Sister's and the levitating St. Francis was a hoot. Looks like a fun celebration.

  3. Oh my! LOVE the sister sisters! too cute!

  4. I love these costumes and I especially loved that last picture. I tried commenting on your post of Declan's fabulous recitation (loved his costume, too, btw) but it didn't post for some reason. Why do I have such a difficult time posting here, I just do not know - I know I'm techy handicapped but really, a simple comment on a post? Shhsh! (This is me - you know, Laurie)