Sunday, January 5, 2014

2013: The Year We Became a Texas Family

This is a panorama shot of our Texas sized backyard. It makes it look like we live in a forest with a pool growing in it. You can't really tell that you can easily see the fence in the back or the neighbors yards.
Beautiful, but TOTALLY deceiving. 

This story begins in mid 2012. 

We spent all of that summer showing our California house to prospective buyers, convinced it would never sell. Then days before we were set to take it off the market, we had a buyer. Within a month we were on the road. Though far from family, our new home in Magnolia, Texas has been a blessing in so many ways. Looking back we can see God’s hand in this move. 

First we said goodbye to California... 

and headed to the Lone Star state.

The Drive
We couldn’t pass up the chance to see some of the west on our trip to Texas. 
Sedona was a surprise highlight. 

The Grand Canyon was a nerve wracking (as in too many steep cliffs) favorite.  

Dallas (and seeing our neice Michelle ) was a memorable moment. 

Swimmers’ Math...

3 kids + 2 years of lessons in Scotland = 1 beginning to kick around a wee bit
3 kids + 2 years of lessons in California = 2 swimming across the top a bit
3 kids + 1 month in a backyard pool = 3 swimmers

Y'all come see us some time!

In our first fourteen months as Texans we have had the pleasure of visits from Jim’s brother John all the way from Scotland, our niece Michelle (who got to help move us in to our house on Thanksgiving 2012!), our friends the McClellands down from Ann Arbor, MI, Carol’s Mom (who tried out the zip line, played more than a few hands of poker, and had an important meeting at NASA...seriously. Ask her!). Jim’s brother came back again with his two oldest kids Callum and Helen and Michelle came back at the same time (and Carol got to pretend she had a big family for a week!). Finally, in September we got to meet "in real life" the blog family we have come to know online.  

All this to say that while we hope to do our own visiting soon, we are more than happy to welcome friends and family here!

Memories in short...

From the end of 2012:

  • Our Song playing the first time Jim saw our new house. 
  • Thanksgiving Dinner cooked by Kroger
  • Michelle’s first view of our kitchen: every surface covered with dishes and other kitcheny things. 
  • Watching live while white smoke came pouring out of the Vatican chimney.
  • Meeting the Cowboy In Charge at Red Robin
  • Our first Christmas in Texas.

From 2013:

  • Meeting Grandma at the Airport
  • A frog in Jim’s shoe
  • A brand new cousin is born (Hi Sophia!)
  • New friends, complete with a big sister to come and play with the K kids while Mama gets a break!
  • Oil museum on Galveston Island
  • Hangin' with the neighbors (Hi Swartz's!)
  • Finding the Irish Pub just in time for Fish and Chips Fridays
  • Swimming on Easter Sunday
  • Bluebonnets
  • The Houston Rodeo
  • Meeting blog friends IRL
  • Growing sunflowers
  • The red fox running through the backyard during dinner
  • The deer leaping over our fence during lunch 
  • D mastering the zip line
  • Annabelle's first Confession
  • The First Annual Oor Wullie and The Broons day
  • Visiting the Sisters in Austin
  • Visiting Fr. Tony S.O.L.T. in Corpus Christi
  • Jim and D goin' shootin'
  • The San Antonio River Walk
  • The Alamo
  • Re-discovering British Football (there are no troubling commercials---practically no commercials at all!)

At some point I had to stop writing and click publish. There is so much more to share, but so little time to type it!

      Happy New Year!


      1. Happy New Year, Kennedy family! You know meeting you was one of our most treasured moments if 2013 :)

      2. Us too! We need to do it again soon!