Monday, February 24, 2014

Missing Babies

I had no intention of writing about this today. I have other things ready to go...but they will wait till tomorrow. I have to fill 7 days after all.

But today a friend on Facebook shared a blog post by a blogger I have never read before. It was a challenge to the pro-life world to be consistent. We are very clear about the reality of abortion at any time--it is the loss of a person, a person the world will never know, a person who could have been the next (fill in the blank famous important person to the world).

But when a mother loses a baby through miscarriage it seems we suddenly forget all of that. We are supposed to move on, hope for the best in our next attempt to grow our family. Read Rachel's blog post and I think you will recognize some of the sincerely misguided sentiments.

I have been guilty of telling MYSELF some of the things she mentions!

But, I don't write today to accuse anyone (not even myself). Nor do I write today to ask for sympathy. I write today to acknowledge the six little persons we never held. To acknowledge their eternal souls. To acknowledge the pain of the "what if's".

To acknowledge their dignity. And mourn our loss.

[NOTE We named our babies with hyphenated names because we weren't sure whether they were boys or girls, and because they sound like religious names. Their names also have a connection to a feast day or a special devotion, or the relationship of the two saints.]

Benedict-Scholastica d.2003 who is the sibling between M and D. Named after the Holy Twins to whom we have a special devotion.

Joseph-Mary d.2005 who is the sibling between D and A. Named after the Holy Family.

And the little ones:
Dominic-Maria,  d.2008. Named for a favorite saint and his special devotion to the Blessed Mother, as well as our special relationship with the Dominican Order throughout our lives.

Francis-Clare d. late 2008 Named for the two holy friends from Assisi.

Daniel-Marrianna d. 2009 Named after the patron (St Daniel Comboni) of an order of missionaries who spoke at our church on the day we found out we lost our baby. And also for the Blessed Mother and her Mama.

Zachariah-Elizabeth d. Advent 2009 Named after the husband and wife who conceived so late in life.

May the rest in the arms of Jesus.


  1. Beautiful names, sentiments and stories attached!
    Six sweet Kennedy souls already heavenward, I'm hoping to meet someday. :)

    1. Thanks Mary! Can't wait for that heavenly gathering!

  2. What beautiful names and meanings of beautiful faces in God's beautiful garden. I, too, look forward to gathering my own bunch in my hands. Won't it be an amazing moment. I love this post. Thanks for writing it.