Saturday, March 1, 2014

8th Annual Kennedy Girl Birthday Weekend

Eight years ago today, I was just coming home from the hospital with my second redheaded little girl in my arms. 
And my first little girl was turning four without even a cake (though she really didn't notice, not being a calendar checker yet).
 All that came a few days later when I was a little more together.

For the second time, A picked horses as her theme.
See the little wild horses running around all over her cake? Trust me, they are there. 

But I remember the conversations about how birthdays would go in the future. We decided that we didn't want to have them share a birthday just because two in a row might be a little crazy and inconvenient. We hoped that they would not feel rushed through their special day or short shrifted in the celebration.

Green for the grass...these themes are elaborate, huh?

Apparently, there was no need to fret. Of course, it is all they have ever known, but I like to think they would choose it if they could. Each girl has her day, with her own theme (which means themed table decorations and cake and presents). I make one boxed cake mix and split it into two pans. It requires some quick changes in table decorations and double cake decorating, but it really has not been too bad. 

M's theme...Chelsea Soccer. GOAL!!!!!
They love celebrating together and D has never felt left out--he just loves to be in on the planning. 
I wouldn't have it any other way. 


  1. I bet they know it's extra special to have special days close together! Wish M and A happy birthdays from us!,

  2. Happy birthday to your beautiful daughters!! May they be abundantly blessed throughout the year!