Thursday, May 1, 2014

{phfr}: A Childhood Unhurried

{pretty: because...well isn't it obvious?}

In case you are wondering, she is pasturing her sheep. 
No, we don't have any sheep. 
But why should that be a problem? 
She made herself a few out of styrofoam and yarn. 

She is also suspicious of anything she calls "modern". 
I often hear "that's too modern". 
Certain games are "too modern", 
many types of clothes are "too modern". 

In fact, the only acceptable clothes (at the moment) are long skirts with long sleeved shirts that have "puffy sleeves". 

She wants to look like this:

Lucia Santos, Blessed Francisco Marto, Blessed Jacinta Marto

{happy: because happiness is siblings who play along}

And now you know the source of the sheepherding instincts. 
A wants to be Jacinta Marto. 
And she wants her brother to be Francisco Marto. 
And her sister to be Lucia Santos. 
Most of the time they are amenable to this. 
But for A it is an all day thing. 

Ignore the is way too modern.
Of course, if her mother could direct her imaginative play she would focus the acting on the parts of the story 
where Jacinta helps her mother without even being asked and speaks sweetly ALL THE TIME to her brother and sister and, and, and....

okay, maybe even Jacinta herself wasn't that perfect. 

{funny: because she reminds me of my Italian Grandma who always posed with her hand on her hip}

I didn't tell her to stand that way, she is trying to look like the picture of Jacinta above. 

No, I would rather just watch her stroll around the backyard in her long skirt and "Jacinta shirt" and know that this is the fruit of an unhurried childhood: 
time to imagine yourself as your favorite hero. 

{real: because I know the reality of this picture--we were pulled over alongside a busy highway with trucks whizzing by and honking at us.}

This isn't our backyard, nor is it even a good picture, but I just love the stormy, breezy looking timelessness of it.
Definitely NOT too modern. 

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  1. Ok. I think this has to be one of your top five posts! Ever! You had me smiling and laughing and smiling and laughing out loud at the Italian grandma pose:)