Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Kennedy Book List: Catching Up

I have been meaning to talk about all of the great books we have been reading around here, but I have been overwhelmed by the desire to tell you all about each one (without giving anything away, of course!). I finally just decided to make a quick list and let you find out for yourselves. So, here we go, in no particular order and linked at the bottom.

We have tapped into the Living History series found at Bethlehem Books (though I bought most of them on Amazon).

Right now, we are reading Red Falcons of Tremoine, about a fifteen year old young man in late 12 century England. Leo was raised in a monastery only to find out he is heir to two different, and rival, castles. His journey to manhood is filled with tests that challenge is patience, his wisdom, his self control and his charity. Though sometimes harsh (he is treated quite badly by his uncle) the book is an exiting adventure and an illustration of how to grow in virtue.

We also learned about the resistance effort of the Dutch during World War II in The Winged Watchman. Told through the eyes of a young boy, it is a beautiful, hopeful, though sometimes heartbreaking, look into the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands. 

Before that, we got an insider's look at the life of St Thomas Beckett in If All The Swords in England. This was yet another story about a young man on his path to adulthood. Along the way he must learn to deal with a disability, discern the right path for himself, and strive for self control. A great read aloud!

Hilda Van Stockum
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Barbara Willard
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The links (if they work) are all to Amazon. I should soon have an Amazon widget in the sidebar if I can get it to work!
I have more to share soon!
Have you read these or any of the Living History books? 
Happy Feast of St. Therese!!

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