Thursday, March 9, 2017

A Nature Girl Party

Our A recently turned eleven! It is hard to believe that the baby of the family is that old. But here she is: 
(Sorry for the blurry photos. It is not you or your computer, it is my bad photography skills!)

We have a tradition of choosing themes for the kid's birthdays and then decorating accordingly. In the last few years I have taken over the choosing almost completely and it is usually a surprise to the birthday kid. This year A hinted heavily that she wanted a nature theme and I went with it. 

Fortunately for me we have collection of artificial trees around the house 
(picked up during various stages of selling various houses...why does it seem like you have to have artificial trees in your home to sell it?), 
So it was really easy to decorate this time. A also has a wide collection of stuffed animals who appeared among the bushes. 

 And here is the very amateurish cake. Since we have back to back birthdays we try to make the cakes smaller, especially when Lent is upon us! This cake consisted of the Kennedy-traditional chocolate cake (Pioneer woman's Texas sheet cake recipe) with chocolate icing. Then there was green icing on top to represent plants and white icing sprinkled with blue sugar as a little river, which cascades down the front of the cake. ("cascade" makes it sound so professional, doesn't it?) There were also a little squirrel and a little turtle (from the fairy house section of Hobby Lobby--it came with a snail, but Nature Girl doesn't do bugs!).

And then, what has become the highlight of the day: the treasure hunt. I usually come up with some sort of hunt using clues related to the theme. 
I am so frustrated with these blurry photos! I don't know what went wrong!!!
A has a bunch of nature guides which she loves (she got two more for this birthday) and D used those to come up with clues related to some of the animals. Once she figured out which animal it was she looked at a map of the house (in the folder, along with the list of possible animals) and found which room was named after that animal. 

The last one was where her gifts were. 

Happy Birthday A! 

We love to celebrate God's gift of you to our lives! 
When He gave you to us He gave us sweetness, energy, a spirit of justice and truth, and a talented story teller too!


  1. So fun! I wish I could see the treasure hunt clues! Happy birthday, A!

    1. Thanks! The clues were right out of her book. Here is an example:
      Came from England
      One of the most common birds in the world
      Makes “cheep” and “chissick”
      Fills its mouth with almost anything
      Are 5-6 inches long
      (the answer was House Sparrow and led her to the front entry way)