Monday, April 12, 2010

Economic Puzzles....

Shopping in the UK leaves me puzzled.....

Why is it common to find basic grocery items have been sold out?
Why are there fewer choices in terms of brands (except in the case of tea kettles....there are THOUSANDS of choices for electric tea kettles!)?
Why would a business choose to stop selling an item "because people kept buying it all up"?
Why do Christmas decorations sell out weeks before Christmas?
Why do certain grocery stores (ASDA) sell certain flavors of ice cream (chocolate strawberry Magnum Mini ice cream bars) and not others (other stores sell other flavors, but not that one!!!)?
Why is every grocery store very, VERY crowded all the time? Can't they build more?

What sort of government regulations/economic conditions make doing business here so much different?

I wish I knew. My hypothesis is that a nanny state sort of government like this one must regulate everything to make it "fair"....which leads to less competition, fewer choices, less urgency to do business exceptionally well (whether that means quality of service, or product).

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