Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Enough About Stupak Already!

I think the whole Stupak thing is a distraction. He was never going to let this health care bill go down, he said as much in the past. He was trying to solidify his position as a "pro-life democrat" (a term that is unrealistic at best, IMHO, but that is a discussion for another day). The REAL issue here is that this bill is such an assault on liberty, on our constitution, on our American way of life, that with or without abortion provisions it is an abomination!! It must be repealed whole and entire (not just pieces of it), and the only way to do that is to elect conservatives at all levels, but especially in the House and Senate come November. And in 2012. There is NOTHING GOOD in this bill. There are things that SEEM good to some, but are really designed to bring down private insurance companies and take your choices away. For example:eliminating pre-existing conditions--really, how can an insurance company survive if it is forced to take on even the riskiest of clients---this is how insurance premiums go UP!!! Not down!!! And what is going to happen when this practice begins? People will not buy health insurance (they will pay the fines, which are cheaper than a good health insurance plan at this point in time) and then when they have the accident or get the cancer diagnosis THEN they will get the insurance and the company will have to take them on----and raise your premiums as a result. And FORCING people to purchase something (ie Health insurance), since when can the government dictate what you must buy...this is nothing like auto insurance since you can choose whether or not to buy a car (and therefore whether or not you are obligated to buy car insurance) AND the car insurance company is free to drop you if you are too high risk (ie lots of tickets or accidents). We can argue all we want about "abortion language" and "safeguards" but the unborn cannot be protected by ANY government run health care program...name one European style government health care system that does not pay for abortion!!!

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