Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Master Catechist's Kids

I have, in the past, had the title "Master Catechist". I think it refers to my wildly expensive education and the fact that I used to teach teachers. Anyway, kids have a way of humbling you. I thought I should share some of the cuter humiliations of the "Master Catechist Mama". 

Not too long ago, our four year old informed me that her sister, M, liked Jesus, but she liked Lightning McQueen. Some of the evidence for this little factoid was that the chosen car music of M is the Hide 'Em In Your Heart cd's, while A's chosen car music is the soundtrack to Cars.

It is my hope that this might change. Perhaps some evangelization will go on between the two sisters! But who will be the influential one?


This morning as a Cars song was playing, M declared her affection for the song. And A piped up, with utter amazement. "M. likes Lightning McQueen AND Jesus!!!!"

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