Sunday, November 7, 2010

What time is it....really?

Do you find yourself asking "What is the real time?" a lot today? What is the real time, anyway?

Daylight Savings Time is a funny thing. Two times a year it turns people like me, who believe in absolute truth, into relativists with respect to time. The clock says 8:30 but it is "really" 9:30.

Depending on how quickly the kids adjust to the time change...which of course directly affects my ability to deal with reality...this relativism can go on for days. It FEELS like 9:30, but it isn' it?


And that reminds me of another "funny thing" (otherwise known as a pet peeve): when people say "I feel..." when they are about to tell you what they think.

Can we no longer distinguish between opinions, facts and feelings?

"I feel that the government should provide health care for people who can't afford it."

WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? Are you saying that you feel like this now, but it might change (as feelings often do)? Or are you saying that, since you FEEL this way, I can't argue with you....after all, it is your FEELING!

Or, are you unwilling to THINK about what you feel. I suspect this is the problem.

A perfect example appeared on our California ballot last week. We voted on whether of not a "bi-partisan citizen committee" should decide about redistricting, or should it be "legislators".

Lets THINK about this....
"Bi-partisan" always sounds good. It means people are "getting along", "compromising"....words that we are conditioned to like.
And "citizen"....well those are folks just like us, right?
But "legislators" are politicians, out for themselves alone, just wanting to get re-elected, right?

If we are "feeling" about this, then "bi-partisan citizen committee" feels really good. I feel that regular folks should decide these things, afterall, we can be above all the politics.

But lets THINK about it instead.
Who chooses these non-elected citizens? How do we know they are a bi-partisan group? Didn't we elect those legislators to do these things? Didn't we get our chance to voice our opinion about who gets be a legislator?

Unfortunately, the brilliant California electorate voted for the "bi-partisan citizen committee".

Perhaps I should have been writing about this last week.....

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  1. That goes along with be "nice" to keep peace and avoiding charity, which is what God really calls us to use. When did "nice" become the norm?