Friday, June 17, 2011

Taking after Adam: The Naming of the Animals

The naming habit began with the naming of imaginary pet horses (the kids would say they were "real" horses, but since we don't own any horses, don't ride or board horses, and only dream of them (especially A) I must argue they are merely imaginary).
The names that began it all: 
A's imaginary horse -- Paint (there is an argument about whether or not Paint is a male horse. There is no consensus in this scientific investigation)
D's imaginary horse -- Thunder Road
M's imaginary horse -- Taco
My imaginary horse -- Peanut Butter
Jim's imaginary horse -- Bob

Since then, the kids have extended their habit of naming to the general neighborhood. As we drive by some of the local ranches we learn that:
Any white horse is called Bob.
Any brown horse is called Brownie.
Any black horse is called Widowmaker, Lightning Bolt, or Thunder Road (only the Experts can tell which is which).
Any pinto is called Paint.

We have also learned, from our resident naming Experts, that:
Any dark brown cow is called Molly.
Any dark brown cow with a white face is called Molly the White Face (not White Faced Molly, not Molly with a White must be Molly THE White Face!!).
Any Purple Finch is called Frank.
Any pair of Goldfinches are called Coffee and Toffee.
Any pair of Mourning Doves are called Mourn and Thorn.
A particular black bird, which only the Experts can identify, is called Corn.
All blackbirds except Corn are called The Enemy (The Experts are at war with blackbirds. I fear I started this war when I searched high and low for just the right bird seed to attract the finches and not the blackbirds.)

So? Need anything named? Anything at all! 
We are at your service!

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