Thursday, February 9, 2012

Obamacare: Care or Control?

[So...yesterday I was reading my post from last year (which I linked to below) and talking to myself (I do that a lot more these days it seems). Here is the first part of my previous post followed by what I said to myself.]

"The Church ought to have a healthy fear of big government (especially when it comes to medical issues) because of its ability to force immoral actions on people (abortion, contraception, IVF, euthanasia, etc). 
The principal of subsidiarity seems to be lost on even the highest of Church officials (trying not to name names here).  
Even if Bart Stupak could have gotten anti abortion language in the bill, it would have eventually been taken out. Once government takes over health care, federal funding for abortion is inevitable (show me a country with government health care that does not have abortion?)."
It took awhile, but here we are. It may be, however, that Obama has awakened a sleeping giant. A year ago when I wrote that post, it appeared that the U.S. Bishops had been lulled into supporting his health care bill by those misleading words: “health” (who can argue with healthiness, lack of sickness!) and “care” (we all care, don’t we? we must care!). 
But Obamacare has little to do with healthiness (especially not for the unborn), nor is it really about caring. 
At it’s core, the law is about CONTROL. And the latest power grab by the HHS is proof. No longer are Churches free to live by their moral beliefs. Instead they must be forced to pay for procedures and drugs that they find morally abhorrent! Forget freedom of religion, forget separation of Church and State. The Government can now decide that the Catholic Church’s teaching on abortion, sterilization and contraception are not that important---Obama knows best, you know---really. 
“Most Catholics don’t agree with the teaching anyway, right? So, you bishops and priests, and you know, the Pope too, may as well just change that pesky teaching. We’ll give you a year. Sound fair? Good. Done, then.”

More of my discussion with myself to follow...

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