Thursday, June 27, 2013

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"It was born then, this idea that I must have books, not only for our children but for Abigail and myself. We must not lose touch with that we were, with what we had been, nor must we allow the well of our history to dry up, for a child without tradition is a child crippled before the world. Tradition can also be an anchor of stability and a shield to guard one from irresponsibility and hasty decisions."
From To The Far Blue Mountains by Louis L'Amour


 "What books then? They must be few, for the luggage of books is no easy thing when they must be carried in canoes, packs, and upon one's back.Each book must be one worth rereading many times..."
From To The Far Blue Mountains by Louis L'Amour


When I told the kids I was trying to think of a "funny picture about books" for my blog post, they thought this was perfect. It is from the kids version of The Last of the Mohicans.


Is it possible to have too many books? 
We don't have the problems that Barnabas Sackett had. 
So far I haven't had to load our books onto a canoe or carry them on my back. 
But there is a part of me that envies the economy of his proposed book collection. 
Great books.
To be read again and again. 

Just to be clear, the above is from inside my own head, not from a Louis L'Amour book.


We are currently reading this as a family at bedtime. The quotes on this page come from a point in the book when Barnabas Sackett is contemplating his move to the new world, where he hopes to make a life for himself and start a family with his betrothed, Abigail. 

"...each a book that has much to say, that can lend meaning to a life, help in decisions, comfort one during moments of loneliness. One needed a chance to listen to the words of other men who had lived their lives, to share with them trials an troubles by day and by night in home or in the markets of cities."
From To The Far Blue Mountains by Louis L'Amour

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