Thursday, January 16, 2014

VLOG: Transubstantiation: It Looks Like Bread, But It is Jesus!

I know I promised a Steps Into Sin Part II video and that footage remains on my computer, un-edited. There was more momentum behind a new VLOG to help A get ready for her First Holy Communion. 
And here it is: 

UPDATE: I realized that I forgot to include the sentence that came out of this lesson that I have been whispering in the ears of my children at Mass since the oldest was a baby: It looks like bread, but it's Jesus. I thought it deserved to be in the title of the blog post, even if I didn't get it into the video in the quite the way I would have liked. 


  1. Carol!! This is such a great visual lesson on Transubstantiation! Super job. I am going to share this and use it with my little man when it is time.

  2. Thanks Patty! Glad you liked it. It has always been one of my favorite lessons to teach!

  3. This is so good, Carol! Very clear study. I love how well your kids know and understand this concept- lights in the world!
    Thanks for sharing your teaching with us!