Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Some Thoughts on Recent "News"

So, we watched a bit of the Goldman Sachs hearings last night. I couldn't help but think that some of those politicians sound like they are saying (cue whiney voice and stomping foot) "But you guys made more money than somebody else!! That's not FAIR!!"

Remember how those Tea Parties are supposed to "incite violence"? Did you hear about the refried bean-swastika-smear on the windows at the Immigration rally? Or the pinata with the face of the Arizona governor being beaten by children? Hmmmm....


This article appeared a few months back on the Times Online website. I meant to blog on it then, but it slipped off the radar (gotta fix that radar system of mine....this happens way too much!). Here is the part of the article, titled "Children reaching age 3 without being able to say a word, survey finds", that struck me:
The survey of more than 1,000 parents found that a child’s background was not a factor in how quickly they learnt to talk. Working parents who put their babies in day care are just as likely to have a child whose speech develops late as those who leave their baby in front of the television.

Okay, so there are two kinds of parents: those who put their kids in daycare, and those who put their kids in front of a TV. A "child's background was not a factor"!!! Really??? Did that survey of 1,000 parents find any parent who DIDN'T put their kids in daycare and DIDN'T put them in front of the TV?  I volunteer for the next such "survey".

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