Monday, May 3, 2010

Angel Steals Pacifier from Small Child

She (I) did it. She (I) finally gave up the pacifier (which was the replacement for the bottles of water she sucked down each night from age 14months to 2.5, which was the replacement for the all-night nurser she was from birth to age 14 months).
I wasn't sure she (I) could do it!! In fact, I had been putting off the hard part of finally taking it away from her (me) at night, and then my guardian angel stepped in. On the trip that replaced the volcano-vacation, I forgot to bring her pacifier. I later remembered exactly what happened. (cue dream sequence)
We were in the taxi on the way to the airport when we got the news that the volcano was going to postpone our vacation indefinitely. When we got to the airport we had to turn right around and go home. She was very disappointed and started crying (mixed with hints of a tantrum coming on). So I whipped out the pacifier that I had tucked into my purse for the trip pacified her! 
So, we get home, the suitcases and backpacks sat in the entry way for two days during which we decide to head south and explore the Yorkshire Dales. So we pack those same, unopened suitcases in the car with some extra stuff, like food and warmer coats, and we head off. I felt completely confident in my already carefully packed backpack and suitcase....and purse. That is, until that night. As we got the kids ready for bed in the hotel, I searched frantically for the pacifier. I whispered to Jim about the missing item and we looked at each other in terror, then shrugged our shoulders. This was either going to be a horrible trip (reminiscent of an earlier trip from London to Aberdeen that was cut short due to a recently weaned 14 month old who would not sleep---she hadn't reattached to that bottle yet) OR it was going to be the impetus she (I) needed to dump the pacifier.

The first night consisted of me laying down with her, while she cried and whimpered about her pacifier. I cuddled and felt awful and mean. She (I) seemed to really need that pacifier! After a while, I weakened and made some comment about finding a "pacifier store" the next day. Thankfully, she forgot the comment and we made it to the next night. Though, I secretly bought a pacifier just in case this next night was HORRIBLE.

Night two was much the same as night one, though she seemed a little more resigned to the fact that the pacifier just wasn't here. I could tell she was envisioning her bedroom with the pacifier sitting next to her pillow.

Night three.....a bit better. She whimpered a little and drifted off to sleep. When she woke at night I did lay down with her, but she fell back to sleep quickly.

Night this time so many fun things had happened that bedtime conversation was full of talk of her "pet sheep", James Herriot, the "cow with the face", horses, castles, ice cream. The pacifier was all but forgotten. She (I) had made seemed.

But, on the long drive home, as I pondered my sweet, strong-willed, four year old girl, I realized she would not let this drop so easily. The real battle lay at home. As soon as we arrived at home, I took a quick load of stuff in and ran around the house locating every last pacifier I could find. They were quickly stashed in my top drawer. Mission accomplished.

Now, the battle lay ahead...I thought.

The first night, she put up only a small fuss. Her last words before she drifted off were "I want to be three!" (only she pronounced it "free")....and she (I) was. Thank you my dear Guardian Angel.

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  1. Hi Carol,
    Congratulations! I have one paci kid (19 mnths) and I'm dreading the day when we give it up. But good to here that it can work and not be a complete disaster!
    I'm so glad you're blogging - I'll have to let my mom know.