Monday, August 9, 2010

In a small apartment....

In a small apartment horse play (as in pretending to be horses) takes up THE WHOLE HOUSE! And, even gentle galloping is sure to drive the downstairs neighbors mad (and make Mama sure that they are about to come upstairs and yell at us politely ask us to keep it down).

In a small apartment the entry way, the mud room, and dining room have to be the same thing.

In a small apartment there is no good time to run the noisy dishwasher.

In a small apartment you can cook breakfast, serve breakfast, check on the status of the last sleepy kid, coax her to get ready, and check your email without going upstairs OR EVEN leaving the room.


  1. I have SO been there. For 4 years...luckily most downstairs neighbors aren't home during the day, that's what I figured out eventually. Good luck with your own apartment survival!

  2. Oh my goodness! And for how long will you be there? You are in my prayers, Lady!

  3. In spite of all the whining...we we only be here till mid September. And we are moving from this tiny old, slightly run down apartment to a newer, nicer one on Thursday.
    So, not as long as you Alexis...but it will seem long for us. I just try to look at it as simplifying life...for now.

  4. LOL!! I followed you here from your post on Faith and Family. I see you are doing just fine on bloging!
    More things to enjoy about a small dwelling place (cuase ours is SMALL!), not as many windows to have to buy curtians for, not having to pay a lot for paint to paint a room.